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Friday, February 20, 2009

My Birthday Extravaganza!

My birtday is on the 17th of Feb. but we celebrated on Monday the 16th because everyone was off for a holiday. Since we (Greg & I) had some willing friends on the way to where we were going, we dumped the kids and went to dinner at Maxine's in Girdwood:O)We were the only ones there so it was very quiet. The staff is really nice, it's a neat place, a little hippie & very Alaskan :O)

Expensive, but we were so full, we liked everything. I told the waitress I was going to lick the plates it was so good:O) Greg said it was the first perfectly cooked medium rare steak he has had in AK, and as many of you know he doesn't compliment much of anything,lol.

It's actualy called Maxine's Glacier City Bistro. I found it, looking at different cuisines, under French. Never would have guessed we would like a French place especially Greg. If I hadn't seen what it looked like on the web site, we wouldn't have noticed it...the sign was missing,lol, no one else was there, and like I said, it's AKN!

They served this bread that's hard to describe, airy and dense at the same time, with a dipping sauce that was balsamic vinegar, roasted garlic and I think walnut oil. Then we shared 2 appetizers, crab & artichoke spring rolls with wild arugula emultion, wild alaskan weathervane scallops with pistachio butter and lemon thyme gastrique. I really did want to lick the plate LOL did my best with my fork, and couldn't help dipping my finger :O)

Greg laughs at me when I get around really good food.

My meal was Rosted red pepper stufffed with quiona zuchinni served on swiss chard with saffron cream. Greg had a filet (duh!) served with bacon, shrimp & cornbread stuffed portobello with burbon pepper sauce & yukon gold mashed potatoes. You should have seen his face when they served it piled up and all fruffy! HUH?! He really liked it though.:O) I also had to try Maxine's chef's version of creme brulle, it was good if you like that sort of thing :O)

We also had beer (duh!) and mine were really good! I don't remember if his were or even what kind he drank,lol, it was all about ME :O) I drank 2, wonderfully perfect with the food, porters who's name escapes me. Something about mud and fish. Darn! wish I could remember so I could get some more..Oh well! guess I'll have to go back to Maxine's to find out!

I love the names of micro beers and wines, the micros have some great names and labels besides being really good!

Maxine's floors and walls are crooked, the ceiling noticably sectioned, and decorated in a eclectic casual upscale kind of way and felt very warm and inviting. They replaced all their chairs last year when the Alyeska Prince sold theirs :O

It was a wonderful experience! And so nice to be "alone". :O) Peace and Joy to you all :O) Mary

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