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Monday, February 2, 2009

Feldenkrais® - Bones for Life®

Take a look at our schedule for Daytime February & March Feldenkrais classes and enter them on your calendar NOW! Space is at a premium, so reserve your space and learn to feel your best with little or no effort! Surprise yourself at how freely, easily & comfortably you can move!

Hands-on Feldenkrais individual sessions are available at 2 medical offices in Anchorage (Eastside & Midtown) where you can use your health insurance. Contact me for more info, or contact the office directly to schedule your session with me at either location.

I continue to offer the lower cost convenience of self-pay at Movement Options. Call or email me to schedule your app't here at Movement Options studio.


Feldenkrais Classes

February/March Schedule

ALL Gain….NO Pain…The Feldenkrais Way!

Tu/Th 11:15-Noon Feb. 24, 26 & Mar. 3, 5 4 days $65 or Drop-in $18/class
Tu/Th 11:15-Noon Mar. 10, 12, 17, 19 4 days $65 or Drop-in $18/class
Tu/Th 11:15-Noon Mar. 24, 26, 31 3 days $50 or Drop-in $18/class

Individual Feldenkrais Sessions

● Insurance Billing at Natural Health Center 561-2330
3330 Eagle St.

Known to many of you as “Hope Wing & Rick Abbott’s Clinic”. Choose a Naturopath or Chiropractor to initiate your Feldenkrais treatment plan of neuromuscular re-education. Use your health insurance to pay for your Feldenkrais sessions.

My schedule here: Monday afternoons & Thursday mornings.

Medicare patients: *IF you have secondary insurance coverage from a group policy that covers you to see a Naturopath, you MAY be able to use your secondary insurance to cover your sessions with me for neuromuscular re-education. *Be sure to check with your secondary insurance carrier to confirm this!

● Insurance Billing at Alliance Chiropractic 337-6770

Dr. Rich Tieszen 4316 Kingston Drive

Bill your insurance directly for sessions at Alliance, just pay your deductible & co-pay out of pocket. My schedule here: Tuesday & Thursday afternoons.

● ***Self-pay at Movement Options Studio 274-3539

Schedule your sessions at Movement Options and make payment in full. Receipts are available upon request if you wish to submit them to your health insurance carrier, or use pre-tax dollars from your health care reimbursement account.

My schedule here: Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri mornings, & Wed & Fri afternoons.

***Total cost of sessions with Shari at Movement Options Studio is substantially less than the price of sessions at the above medical offices. Out of pocket expenses at Movement Options may be higher or lower than at one of the clinics, depending on your health insurance coverage.

Shari Lee
Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner
Certified Bones for Life® Teacher & Trainer
Movement Options LLC

Feldenkrais® is a registered service mark of the Feldenkrais® Guild of North America.

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