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Mountain Mary's is a labor of love. Love of herbs, nature and a more natural healthy life. MM's started in a kitchen 17 or so years ago, morphed into a store front and back to the home shop that it is today.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Inspiring Herbal Creations

At this time each year with Winter coming to a close and Spring not quite here there is a yearning for something new, something different, something that will inspire and satisfy the need to create. Try these projects, inspired and created by natural gifts around you. You can add your own personal touch and energy to make the projects even more powerful in their intent.

WARM A HOUSE with an herbal gift inside a fresh bell pepper. Choose any color bell pepper, slice off the stem end and clean out the seeds and membranes. Line a plate or shallow basket with herb sprigs (or greenery) and colorful whole spices (or berries). Place the clean pepper in the middle and fill with a variety of fresh herb sprigs. This heartwarming and thoughtful gift may “inspire” the recipient to cook “creatively”! Try using a squash, pumpkin or other fruit or vegetable.

SEND A NOTE or make a set of note cards made of herbal paper. Place a 2 foot wide piece of waxed paper on a non-porous work surface. Scatter (aprox 1-2 tablespoons) flower petals, leaves, herbs, spices or similar material all over the waxed paper. Separate enough facial tissues into single ply to cover the petals, overlapping ¼”. In a spray bottle, combine ½ c white glue and ½ cup water. Spray the top of the tissue, covering the entire area. You may not use all of the mixture. Gently dab glue mixture on any tiny areas not covered. Let dry for 24 hours. Loosen any part that may have stuck to the work surface with a kitchen knife. Cover the wax paper side with light cotton fabric and iron on medium heat. Press each area for only a few seconds to avoid scorching. This assures all areas will adhere. Cut your paper the size you want the outside of the card to be, and fold it in half. Use decorative scissors around the edges if desired. Next, cut a piece of card stock paper, in any color, ½” smaller than the flower paper. Fold it in half and glue it to the inside. Now your paper is ready to share.

Make ANGELS FROM THE GARDEN to bless a beloved home with warm tidings of love. This angel may last for years if handled gently. Use fresh herbs, if possible, for a heavenly scent as the herbs dry. Or use dried herbs and spray with scent(s) to match the herbs. Attach an 8” piece of ¼” dowel across a long stemmed poppy pod, wrapping with raffia in a crisscross fashion, knot tightly. Cover the dowel with lavender stems, burlap, grasses or cornhusks. Wrap with raffia ½” from the ends (to form hands) and crisscross across the center (bodice). Trim hand ends. Create a small bouquet of herbs, flowers, leaves, etc and secure with a rubber band. Attach with raffia just under the arms. Cover the bodice area, across and over with colorful leaves. Secure the back ends with raffia or hot glue. Tuck a few more leaves under the front leaves to form an apron. Tightly wrap raffia around the midsection, forming a waist. Knot tightly. Hot glue 2 leaves to the back for wings & Spanish moss for hair. Add tiny bits of herbs, flowers etc to the waistband for decoration. Glue or tie a raffia loop on back for hanging. Fill in any blank spots as needed. Bless a loved one.

Boost your creativity with the inspirational herbs lavender, rosemary, chamomile, fennel, feverfew, calendula, vervain & mugwort.

I'm not sure anymore where I found these projects, but remember the Angel came from Herb Companion, so the others likely did as well. Enjoy! Mary


  1. What great ideas. I really love the herbal paper idea. I'm going to try it out and make some cards with them. I wonder if Lavender and chamomile would look pretty together. I bet calendula would be really pretty since the color stays so nicely.

  2. Did you try it already? Lavender and calendula would look nive together. Your right, calendula does keep it's beauty for a long time :O)