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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Earth Garden School....

GEG Bulletin
March 13, 2010

Dear Sustainable Eco-Gardeners,

The sun is scribing an arc ever higher over the horizon. Warm rays stream into our windows. Underfoot, can you feel the sap of cottonwood, birch, willow, and spruce creeping upward? Like the first quiet notes of a symphony that builds to a furor, so do ancient and powerful forces conduct the glorious acceleration into spring. We are riding on a planet that is once again hurling us toward Spring Equinox.

Just as buds will soon swell and burst open, so is my head about to burst open. I am full to popping with exciting news. I don’t mean to overwhelm your INBOX, but wow, I have much to tell you. There is an explosion of opportunities for you to indulge in—new gardening courses, workshops, and conferences!

At last, we feel waves of electric enthusiasm about sustainable agriculture—local food, growing food, community-building, healthy diets, root cellars, and alternative energy systems. So if seed catalogs and spring fever are quickening your heart rate, read on!

In this bulletin:

Co-Creative Organic Gardening Workshop

How to Build Powerhouse Soil Fertility

Terra Bella Eco-Seminars

Terra Bella Wed Night Movies

Food Films in Mat-Su

Local Foods Class

Gardening for Market training

Small Scale Livestock class

Compost Class

Healthy Food Class

Spring Creek Farm classes

Okay, this is the comprehensive list. I’ll be sending out reminders of the individual classes as I am able to.

But check my website for reliable assistance.

Gardening Courses and Films

Opportunities, 2010

Through Good Earth Garden School:

Register through

Co-Creative Organic Gardening Workshop

With Ellen Vande Visse, Sat-Sun Apr 10 -11-Anchorage

How to Build Powerhouse Soil Fertility - Palmer

With Experts Bob & Christine Greig of Alaska Sea-Agriculture

Two repeat sessions at their warehouse site in Palmer:

Sunday, April 18th, 2-4 p.m. and Thursday, May 6th, 3-5 p.m.

2- Hour Seminars at Terra Bella Café in Anchorage

To register for classes at Terra Bella Café: Go to and sign up for the courses you would like to take.

Ask Mother Nature: Spiritual Tools for Gardening…Tue March 16 at 10am-noon

Shopping for Food You Can Trust………………Tue March 23 at 4-5:30pm

Grow Your Own Windowsill Greens……………..Tue April 6 at 10am-noon

Grow Your Own Windowsill Greens….Repeated Wed April 7 at 10am-noon

Breaking the Chemical Habit—

How to Choose Organic Fertilizers ……………..Tue, May 11 at 10-11:30am

Wednesday Night Movies —Sustainability, Food, & Health

at Terra Bella Bakery Café

Anchorage on Dimond Next to Bed, Bath, & Beyond

All start at 6pm. Come hungry! When you come, get a free packet of coffee grounds to fertilize your garden and repel slugs! For complete list of titles and descriptions, please go to

Other Opportunities not to be Missed

Alaska Sea-Ag

Film Showing of “FRESH”…………. Mon Mar 22 -Wasilla

Film Showing of “ Dirt” ………………Tue Mar 23 -Wasilla

Both at 7 - 9 pm at The Alaska Club in Wasilla. For more information call 745-5725.

Also, see above for Bob & Christine Greig’s class “How to Build Powerhouse Soil Fertility” both April 18 and May 6.

Anchorage Gardening Series

Compost and Soil …………….......…….. Wed Mar 31, 7-9pm -Anchorage

Healthy Food ………………………..….…Wed Apr 28, 7-9 pm –Anchorage

Community Planting at the C-St Garden.....Wed June 2 Time TBA-Anchorage

Sponsored by Alaska Community Action on Toxics, Alaska Center for the Environment,

UAF Cooperative Extension Service, and Alaska Women’s Environmental Network For more information or to register, contact Diana at ACAT at 222-7714 or Alli at ACE at 274-3662

Spring Creek Farm

Spring Gardening Series for 2010: Classes and programs in Palmer, including:

Ÿ Seed Starting for Herb Gardens,

Ÿ Home Chicken Flock,

Ÿ Seed Starting for Vegetable Gardens,

Ÿ Apple Tree Grafting Workshop,

Ÿ Planning a Children's Garden

Spring Creek Farm Garden & Art Event Sat June 12 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Come on out and visit the farm. Events for all ages includes: Valley Arts Alliance "Second Saturday" Fireside Books gardening books, Soaring Crane Natural Health Center & many others.

Call 746-2714 for information & to register.

Mat-Su College Palmer

Organic Gardening………………….……….Agri 138 credit course Fri Mar 19-Apr 17 (Class full)

Gardening-Cultivate & Grow…………………. CED A049 non-credit M-W Mar 15-29

Local Food Sources………………………... CED A049 non-credit M-W Apr 5-19

Small Scale Livestock: Raise & Nurture…CED A049 non-credit M-W May 3-17

Market Gardening: Grow and Sell ………. CED A049 non-credit M-W May 24-June 9

To register for classes go to Need help? Call 745-9746 or stop by Mat-Su College at Mile 2, Trunk Rd, Palmer, AK.

Ellen Vande Visse
Good Earth Garden School

“We farmers and gardeners are responsible for the health of this nation. As growers, we can do more to keep people healthy than all the doctors and hospitals combined. Human health is an agriculture issue.” --John Kempf

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