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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adoption Status

These are 2 early pictures of "Annie" her first Holloween with us and shortly after her arrival at 5 months old. I will find a recent picture to post, we take enough of them!
People are asking about our adoption status, so her it is :O) We went to the termination(TPR termination of parental rights) trial on the 11th, the mother did not show so it was automatic termination. The judge though to "make a good case and make it stick" went through every article of the termination law and sited abandonment (that just for not showing up), failure to maintain resonable contact with the child, failure to utilize the resources avaialble to her to become and stay substance free, failure to obtain safe adaquate housing, etc.
The father was ternminated as "unknown" and the judge granted the termination even though no public notices were posted. Judge said "even if the man somehow recognized himself in the notice, he would not likely come forward and claim the child because he was likely a client of Ms xxxxx and not willing to admit to that."
Then he gave a speech that nearly made us cry, telling us how wonderful and selfless we are and how we saved a child's life. People like us are a god send to these children. He also said we were brave at our age! LOL He said "at the ages of most of us in the court room (the stenographer was a young man in his early 20's) I can imagine you'd rather relax after a long day than chase a 2 year old around". (and I thought...especially one with a 6 year old on her heels)

Our adoption date is May 15th! Party on the 16th!

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