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Friday, January 23, 2009


Dear Eco-Gardeners,

Boy-o-boy, we have an exciting line-up of courses for you—long & short!

Co-Creative Gardening workshops based on my book, Ask Mother Nature

Free movie, make-&-take your own greens tray, and finding nutrient-dense food

Intensive university training: growing by the organic method

Check out all the details and registration at

(See below for overall schedule)

YES, you can garden cooperatively with nature.

Slugs in your lettuce?

A wasp nest on your deck?

Weeds invading your yard?

Trees to cut down?

Is there is a way you might work with nature?

Yes! Come learn to consult the wise consciousness of nature itself. I am teaching courses based on my book, Ask Mother Nature, a Conscious Gardener’s Guide.

You’ll learn methods to talk directly to the wise consciousness of slugs, wasps, weeds, and trees themselves. Learn how to obtain the guidance from these Devas and Nature Spirits. Discover ways to reduce pests without battles, poisons, or force; and cut down a tree without trauma. (This focus is non-religious.) You’ll come away with new skills to heal the Earth—from the convenience of your own backyard! Choose the Co-Creative Gardening class in Anchorage or Palmer. Also advanced class. Please see attached flyers and schedule below.

YES, you have very sweet 2-hour options.

Get your hands in the soil-come plant a windowsill greens garden,

Watch and discuss a free movie,

Hear (and taste) how to select safe, good food you can trust.

All at Terra Bella Café & Bakery in Anchorage. See: schedule below, attachments, & website.

YES, there is still room for you in the Organic Gardening intensive.

Ready to produce more backyard food bonanza? Come join the fun, as we actually build a compost pile, learn what organic fertilizers to apply, and map strategies to ward off pests without poisons. All this in 5 evenings at Mat-Su College, plus a Saturday field trip! Personally tour actual greenhouse, vegetable, and fruit tree growing operations. Please see details in attachment and website.

Starts Friday Feb 20th at 6pm. Mat-Su College: Register now by calling 745-9746 for information or register on line at and follow Wolf Link for Agri 138,

Organic Gardening. (Potential for Thursday night section.)

Class Schedule for Feb-Mar 09

Tue Feb 17 ----identical & -----Grow Your own Windowsill Greens, Terra Bella, Anchorage

Wed Feb 18 ---repeated class-- Grow Your own Windowsill Greens, Terra Bella, Anchorage

Fri Feb 20------------------------Organic Gardening Agri 138 credit course starts, Mat-Su College

Wed Feb 25---------------------Sampling Foods You Can Trust, Terra Bella, Anchorage

Sat-Sun Feb 28 & Mar 1st -----------------Co-Creative Organic Gardening, Palmer

Sat-Sun March 7 & 8------repeated---------Co-Creative Organic Gardening, Anchorage

Sat March 14-------------------Advanced Co-Creative Organic Gardening, Palmer

Sat March 21--------------------------------Free Movie Matinee at Terra Bella, Anchorage

Gardening makes us feel rich and connected to our bounteous planet. I would love to see you in one or more of these opportunities. So come jump into the fun.


As always, let me know if you want off this list.

Ellen Vande Visse
Good Earth Garden School

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